Fall Blood Drive at Maternity of Mary St Andrew on Sept 24th 1-7pm

Red Cross Fall Blood Drive at MMSA

Fall blood drive between 1 pm-7 pm in Sirba Hall. Volunteers and donors are needed. Contact Lisa Basso for more information 651-695-1764

1414 N Dale St, Saint Paul MN 55117  MMSA Map

Power Red Blood Donation

From the St Paul Red Cross Website it is noted this Blood Drive that this is a Power Red Blood Donation.  From the schedule it looks like they take a regular donation too.

During a Power Red donation, you give a concentrated dose of red cells, the part of your blood used every day for those needing transfusions as part of their care. This type of donation uses an automated process that separates your red blood cells from the other blood components, and then safely and comfortably returns your plasma and platelets to you.

With just a little extra time at your appointment, you can donate more red cells and increase your impact on patients in need. Learn more about Power Red donations.

Who it helps: Red cells from a Power Red donation are typically given to trauma patients, newborns and emergency transfusions during birth, people with sickle cell anemia, and anyone suffering blood loss.

Time it takes: About 1.5 hours

Ideal blood types: O positive, O negative, A negative, and B negative

Schedule a Donation Time

Walk-ins are welcome or call 1-800-RED CROSS (1-800-733-2767) for availability.

If you miss out on this Blood Drive there will be another next month at MMSA!  Help others out by giving the gift of blood.

HD 66B Republicans is promoting this event.  We are not associated with MMSA and do not establish this faith group as our official church.  We do believe promoting faith groups in our House District can only help our neighbors.  It’s up to you whether you want to participate or not.  The above information was copied from the American Red Cross Minnesota Region website and also from Maternity of Mary St Andrew Catholic Church, which is in St Paul Ward 5 Precinct 4. ~~ Tom Polachek HD 66B Republicans Chair.