HD 66B Republicans Convention will be Via Tele-Conference Call

Our regular bpou convention and planning were cancelled due to the Corona Virus precautions.

Our convention will happen sometime between March 28th and April 21, 2020. The Convention Call will come from the MNGOP. The rules will be simple. Uncontested candidate endorsements will be a yes or no vote via your phone. Make sure if you share a phone with another delegate to provide an alternate number if possible and send that info to mnhd66brepublicans@gmail.com

Resolutions and amendments to the platform and Constitutions will be an up or down vote. To speak on an issue or to ask a question you’ll be able to push a few phone buttons and be entered into a queue and wait your turn to be recognized.

CD4 Convention will probably be handled he same way.

In person endorsement conventions such as our SD candidate endorsement will be after May 15, not before.

Thank you for your patience. We will get through this time. I pray for your safety

Tom Polachek, HD 66B Republicans Chair

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