Stop the Steal: MN State Capitol Nov 14th noon

So looking at the internet to get more information about this event, there really isn’t anything that exists.

Went to and looked up the Minnesota Rally and clicked on it and the Eventbrite page shows it has been cancelled or an “Oops that page doesn’t exist” message, because the site is part of Big Tech. Clicked on the other events around the country and they too have similar messages.

So is there a rally at 12 pm today at the State Capitol? In Faith we would like to think there is.  The MNGOP website hasn’t been updated since the election and has no information about this.

There is a reason there had to be Voter Fraud and it has less to do with Biden than you think.  Governments around the world were planning on ramping up their anti-Covid19 efforts before the election as part of some sort of plan to limit freedom—they don’t show real evidence of an increase in Covid cases only that spreader events in which regular people have caused, not their BLM/Antifa rallies.

Only Donald Trump was in their way.  Donald Trump doesn’t listen to what the World wants but listens to his Christian Heart and does what is best for the United States of America. We know this to be true as he puts America First.

Make a safe plan to go to the State Capitol today, bring a mask, bring a friend, bring a neighbor, pray for your safety.

Stop the Steal

Find out how to be an Election Judge now. How to be a Ramsey County Election Judge

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