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MNGOP Governor Candidates 2018 Caucus Letters

As a Courtesy to Republican Caucus Attendees around this great state of Minnesota, we are posting the Caucus Letters of the Governor Candidates of the Republican Party of Minnesota (MNGOP).  There will be a write in blank for candidates not listed on the official Gubernatorial Straw Poll ballot.  If you feel so inclined to vote for one of them, it is your choice of your own free will.  We will post the letters, a downloadable pdf, and connections to the candidates’ information pages.  We are doing this so if you are undecided as to who you want to vote for in the Straw Poll these letters will help better inform you.  The order is in no certain order, we want to let you know there are 2 Johnsons on the Straw Poll Ballot, Commissioner Jeff Johnson, and Lance Johnson.  This is a courtesy of HD 66B Republicans.

~~ Tom Polachek, HD 66B Republicans Chair

Mary Giuliani Stephens

Mary Giuliani Stephens Caucus letter PDF


Phillip C. Parrish

Phillip C Parrish Caucus Letter PDF


Jeff Johnson

Jeff Johnson Caucus Letter PDF


Keith Downey

Keith Downey Caucus Letter PDF


Below are additional candidates the News Media does not cover much if at all, but they are listed as Republicans.  They are also listed on the Straw Poll Ballot.

Lance Johnson


Jeffrey Ryan Wharton


Ole Savior

Ole Savior runs for governor — as a Republican (Star Tribune May 19, 2010)

Nikolay Nikolayevich Bey

Nikolay Nikolayevich Bey, MN CFB Candidate’s file


Bob Carney Jr


There might be other letters by candidates running for statewide offices.  Here is Pam Myhra who is running for State Auditor

Pam Myrha State Auditor Candidate Caucus PDF

Often times at Precinct Caucuses people forget about the Platform Resolutions or they don’t have enough Resolution forms. So we are providing a PDF for the Platform Resolutions, and also a pdf of the 2016 Republican Party of Minnesota Standing Platform.

2016 Republican Party of Minnesota Standing Platform

2018 MNGOP Platform Resolutions Form PDF