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MN HD 66B Republicans Endorsement Convention June 22, 2020 6:30pm

Mikki Murray at the 2019 CD4 Republican Convention where she was elected CD4 Chair.

On Monday, June 22, 2020 at 6:30 pm, the MN House District 66B Republicans will hold an Endorsement Convention to determine whether to endorse Candidate Mikki Murray to be the HD 66B Republicans Endorsed Candidate.

Precinct Delegates and Alternates should have received a notice in their emails  concerning the convention.  The only change is the cut off for Registration is 10 pm Sunday night, June 21st.  Those Delegates and Alternates who Register will receive a link a few hours before the convention as it is a Zoom Remote Convention.  An agenda and Endorsing Convention Rules will be sent out this week to those who register.

There is only one item of business at the Convention and that is to endorse or to not endorse Mikki Murray to the be the 2020 HD 66B Republican Candidate.

There will be a time for the SD 66 Republicans Endorsed Candidate Greg Copeland as well as the CD4 Republican Endorsed Candidate Sia Lo to address those who attend.

After we determine the quorum, and voting strength to achieve an endorsement of 60% of the Delegates and Seated Alternates, Candidate Mikki Murray may address the Convention about her candidacy and answer any questions  before a vote is taken.

*Those eligible to Register are those People who were elected Delegate or Alternate at the HD 66B Republican February 25, 2020 Precinct Caucuses. Those who may vote are those who register and are Precinct Delegates or Seated Alternates. These are not those who were elected to the CD4 or State Conventions.

What: 2020 HD 66B Republican Endorsing Convention

When: June 22, 2020, 6:30 PM

Where: Remote Zoom Meeting (link will be sent out on June 22nd)

Cost:  Free (though you may make a Donation to our Treasurer Paul Vlahutin)

Refreshments: Feel free to bake a Snack from one of our posted Convention Cookie Recipes.

CD4 Republicans Endorses Sia Lo on April 29, 2020

The April 29, 2020 Convention was held by Remote Teleconferencing Zoom Meetings, due to the continued Lockdown by the order of Governor Walz due to fears of the Wuhan Virus.

Sia Lo was endorsed by the Delegates and Seated Alternates by more than the Threshold of 60% of those allowed to vote.

The Convention Highlights in Order

Chair Mikki Murray presided over the convention with MNGOP Staffer Becky Alery aiding in running the nuts and bolts of the Zoom Meeting and the VVoter.com voting system.

Various Speakers running for different positions such as National Committeeman/Committeewoman, and Deputy Chair whose election is determined by the State Central Committee Convention on May 15, 2020 addressed the convention.  The National Committeewoman Seat is open as Janet Beihoffer is not running for another term.

Minnesota’s US Senate Candidates were allowed to address the Convention: Jason Lewis, Rob Barrett Jr, and Forest Hyatt.

Fourth Congressional District Republican Endorsement

CD 4 Republican Candidates Sia Lo, and Travis Ekbom were given some minutes to address the Convention about their candidacy for the Endorsement.  Voting by the VVoter.com system was used.  Sia Lo was nominated by Bob Cardinal of Maplewood, MN, Karin Housley, and a letter read by Dan “Doc” Severson in support of Sia Lo.

Mr Sia Lo was endorsed by at least 60% majority of the seated delegates and alternates. The Threshold for endorsement is 60 % of the Convention.

National Delegate Election

National Delegate Candidates we’re allowed to speak.  They were in order:  Patti Anderson, Former Rep Matt Dean, Sia Lo, Ted Risdahl, Tim Johnson, and Yele Mis Yang.

CD4 has a total of 3 Delegates and 3 numbered Alternates.

The National Delegates are: Matt Dean, Sia Lo, and Yele Mis Yang.

The Numbered Alternates are as Follows: A1 Patti Anderson, A2 Ted Risdahl, and A3 Tim Johnson

CD4 Republican Elector

The Electoral College is made up of Electors from each Congressional District in the United States plus two more per state and District of Columbia to represent the State’s two US Senators for a total of 538 Electors, a majority of the body is 270 Electoral Votes.  They vote on December 14, 2020 at each State Capitol after the general Election the month before has been certified. Two states Nebraska and Maine count Electoral votes for the Congressional Districts won whereas the remaining states have a winner takes all the States’ Electoral votes based on the popular vote of the state.

The Candidates for the CD4 Elector were in order allowed to speak: Jim Carson, Cris Jacobson, and John Rheinberger.

The Elector is Jim Carson, and the Alternate is Cris Jacobson.

Platform Planks

In the past heated debates took place over Platform Planks.

Perhaps where it is placed in the agenda and how much Convention time is allotted to it and the whole attitude towards the importance of the platform. There was a 20 minute discussion suspending the rules adopted at the start of the convention so Delegates and seated Alternates could debate individual planks. They were overruled and planks in a section were passed or not based on the section as a whole, not individually as it should be.  The mentality at this point was it was already a long Convention at over 3+ hours. It is sad it has come to this, our platform is what distinguishes us from the other party.

Other Business

Mostly the remaining business was about filling in the two open Vice Chair spots that had not been filled since the Officer elections last year in 2019.  Two candidates emerged for these spots, Peter Shen, and Greta Elsholtz. Since there were two open Vice Chair positions, Chair Murray asked for a motion to vote by acclamation (raise election hands icon). By unanimous vote Peter Shen and Greta Elsholtz were elected.

Other Business was a question of the lack of candidates running. It’s odd there wasn’t a listing of the endorsed Candidates so far. In St Paul as of this writing there are only two endorsed candidates from HD 66A Brett Rose, and SD 66 Greg Copeland.

Bob Zick announced he was going to run against Senator Chuck Wiger in SD 43.

State Central Committee Convention May 15, 2020

State Convention May 16, 2020

The Convention was adjourned at 11:01 pm.

US House CD4 Republican Candidate Letter: Sia Lo

The following letter is from the Endorsed CD4 Republican Candidate Sia Lo.  It has not been altered in any way. We asked the CD4 Republican Candidates and the US Senate Candidates to send us a letter to read at caucus and to post on our website.  The endorsed candidate who wins the nomination/endorsement will have their letter stay up until the November Election. ~~ Admin

February 25, 2020

Good evening, my name is Sia Lo and I running for Congress in the Fourth Congressional District.

Here is a little bit of information about me. I am a 54-year old attorney married to the love of my life, Mayka Lee, and we have four beautiful children. I grew up in St. Paul and graduated from Johnson Senior High School, and currently reside in White Bear Lake. Like all of you, we are pretty busy, and Grandma still tells us all what to do. In addition to our children, we also have two dogs, a turtle, a rabbit, a lizard and a tank full of fish.

My family fled Laos in 1973 after the Communists took over our country. They were looking for my father because he worked for the CIA. My father and the Hmong soldiers fought the North Vietnamese communists for 15 years to a standing still under the leadership of General Vang Pao and the CIA.  We lost approximately 30 percent of our entire population.  Because of our sacrifices, we were allowed to immigrate to the United States as refugees.  If there is anyone that understands the cruelty and destruction of communism, it is us. If there is anyone that understands that freedom is not free, it is us.

But our sacrifices for freedom did not go in vain for since our arrival four decades ago. We have been working hard to achieve the American dream. Many Asian-Americans have become doctors and lawyers, teachers and business leaders.  My niece Sunisa Lee even won a world gymnastics gold medal representing the United States. So simply put, we have climbed every mountain, crossed every stream and followed every rainbow until we found our dream.  And, that dream is America.  And America is beautiful and we love her.

I am running for office because America have done so much for me and now it is time for me to give back to her what she has given me. I am also running because the American Dream that we found is being threaten by those that are pushing for dangerous ideologies like Socialist and Communist ideas.  Those that believe in socialism and Communism believe that government has all the answers and can be the provider and protector for all.

These ideologies will destroy the very fabric of the freedom that created America and what made us the best country in the world. It is the belief that all men and women are created equal and that we are endowed by our Creator with the inalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

I am proud of our president. What President Trump has accomplished in the last three years is amazing. He has brought us back onto the path of greatness. But he is going to need an ally in Congress from our congressional district.  I intend to bring the fight to Betty McCollum in all precincts throughout this district like we have never seen before. My team has already pledged to out work her between now and November 3rd. President Trump deserves to have a teammate elected from St. Paul and suburbs, and I intend to be that person.

Thank you for taking the time to participate in this process. I look forward to meeting each of you on the campaign trail.

Warmest regards,

Sia Lo

Candidate for Congress

Minnesota’s Fourth Congressional District

P.O. Box 270232

Vadnais Heights, MN 55127

(612) 325-0796

Paid for by Sia Lo for Congress Committee

We did not get paid for the posting of the letter. We are posting it as courtesy. ~~ Admin