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Thank You and Let’s Work on Winning Strategies to Help Everyone in HD 66B

On this Thanksgiving I’m thinking about all my God Given Blessings.

Here are some I wish to protect:

  • Free will, the ability to choose how to live my life and what to believe without government intrusion
  • The right to own property
  • The right to associate and peaceably assemble
  • The right to defend myself, my family and my property with firearms if it comes to it
  • The right to worship God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, religious freedom
  • The ability to learn and access wisdom to live a better life
  • The ability to disagree with the government without repercussions

Some of these blessings look like they belong in the Bill of Rights and they are. The Founding Fathers enlisted God to protect the fledgling Republic they created. They did a good job until some elitist socialists took it away from us. We have suffered since 1962 and 1963 when Prayer and Bible Study were banned from Public Schools in our country respectively.

Next year we Republicans in House District 66B have a lot to do. I’m thankful for knowing you. We need more people to get involved because these are our neighborhoods too and we have a right to determine how they are governed. We can make an impact without being elected but because we can.

So we need people to run for district council leadership, become block leaders, find candidates of all kinds, contact people who vote Republican but would like to do more. Our future candidates need to be known as leaders, as good neighbors and willing to help people without being asked to. In the process of getting a winning campaign for office I hope we can help a lot of people while we live our beliefs in public.

Thank you for your help in the future.

God Bless You

Tom Polachek

HD 66B Republicans Chair