For Residents Of Saint Paul: We Want Your Feedback

Here are the survey results.


Do you live within the City of Saint Paul? 

Please complete this survey to help us know what issues or topics are most important to you.  This will help us know what areas we should focus on for the next couple of years.  WHAT MATTERS MOST TO YOU? This could be initiatives you want to see the city to continue to pursue or initiatives the city has prioritized that you feel shouldn’t be a priority.

Click on the link or scan the QR code to take the survey.

What Matters Most To Me As A Resident of Saint Paul



There is also a meeting scheduled for January 26th to discuss the preliminary results of the survey and to continue the conversation of coming together to be conservative activists in Saint Paul.  The meeting is for Saint Paul residents only.

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2019 Convention Call for MN HD66B Republicans

It’s time to reconvene and take care of some house district business.  Open to all residents of the House District 66B, however if you were an elected Delegate or Alternate from the 2018 Caucuses, we need your attendance to conduct business.  Please make every effort to attend.

Besides listening to candidates interested in running for Congressional District 4 officer positions and State MNGOP positions, we are also looking for leaders within our own House District.


If you want to see change, willing to volunteer your time to do the work to make improvements, please consider a BPOU Officer position.  You do not need to be a precinct delegate or alternate to run for an Officer position.  You do however need to be a resident within Minnesota House District 66B.  Not sure if you live within the boundaries of 66B, please click here to see the precinct maps or to check your specific address click here to find out your Ward and Precinct number on Minnesota’s Secretary of State’s website.

66B Map

Those elected will hold office for two years and be the officers for the next U.S. Presidential election cycle.  The 2018 mid-terms were hard for Republicans across the country, and especially hard for us in Minnesota.

What: HD 66B Republican Convention

When: February 9, 2019
Registration:  12:00-12:30 pm
Start: 12:30-3:00 pm

Where: Rice Street Library
1011 Rice St
Saint Paul, MN 55117

Agenda Items:

  • Executive Officer Elections
    • Chair
    • Deputy Chair
    • Treasurer
    • Secretary
    • Vice Chair Data & Technology/Media
    • Vice Chair Outreach and Party Development
    • Vice Chair Finances and Fundraising
  • State Central Delegate and Alternates Election
  • Constitution Amendment about bringing back the Full Committee tabled
    from last year’s convention
  • CD4 Republican Executive Candidates Speeches
  • MNGOP Executive Candidates Speeches

At Will Donations:

  • A collection for 2nd Harvest Heartland
  • 2019 PCRs accepted make payable to HD 66B Republicans


Tom Polachek, HD66B Chair

I love Saint Paul

Snow Elephant

Save Historic Saint Andrew’s Church in Como Park Petition

This post was copied and pasted from the Go Petitions Website about this subject, posted on November 30, 2018 by Teri Alberico.

Yard signs of the SHSA (Save Historic Saint Andrews)

You’ve seen the yard signs by SHSA (Save Historic Saint Andrews) in the South Como and nearby neighborhoods.  It is a battle they’ve been waging with the Twin Cities German Immersion Charter School (TCGIS) when they announced they would bulldoze the historic church building in order to expand the school in April of 2018.

The Historic Church sits at 1031 Como Ave, down the street from McMurray Fields of Como Park.  St Andrew’s Map

Below is from the Go Petitions Website.  Except the Facebook Page link has been changed to show the actual link.

Save Historic St. Andrew’s in Como Park

#City & Town Planning
Mayor Carter and the Saint Paul City Council
United States of America

Historic Saint Andrew’s located in Como Park, Saint Paul, Minnesota is still in imminent danger of being demolished by the Twin Cities German Immersion school (TCGIS) as part of its expansion plan. In our previous petition we asked TCGIS to suspend the demolition until we could help find alternatives to demolition. We also initiated a study of the historic property and the Heritage Preservation Commission (HPC) recently voted (8-1) in favor of recommending St. Andrews as a Heritage Preservation Site. The final decision lies with the City Council and Mayor Carter.
We need your support – sign this petition, visit our Facebook site, call or write to the Saint Paul City Council members and Mayor Carter.

Petition by “Save Historic Saint Andrew’s” (SHSA)
• St. Andrew’s has long been a treasured part of the Como neighborhood. We ask that our public officials vote against destroying a piece of St. Paul’s history worthy of protection.

• We ask the City Council to approve the HPC findings that the building be designated a Heritage Preservation Site consistent with the existing City of Saint Paul’s Comprehensive Plan.

• The project would have a long-term negative impact on the historic and residential character of the neighborhood. To reduce this impact we ask City Officials to require TCGIS to develop a no-demolition alternative. This is a required consideration in all thorough planning processes.
Please sign our petition:

Follow us:
Contact us:
Saint Paul City Council website

If you would like to sign the petition please visit the site to fill out your information.  Sign the Petition to Save Historic St Andrew’s Link

HD 66B Republicans are not affiliated with Save Historic Saint Andrew’s in any way, but we are posting this as a courtesy to this group that needs some public attention.  Saint Andrew’s is located in Ward 5 Precinct 3 of House District 66B.

Mike “Bones” Hartzell Resident of Rice St Passes Away at 71

Rice Street has lost its most famous Resident Mike Hartzell aka Bones.  We at MN HD 66B Republicans will miss Mike. Here is an article written by Fred Melo a reporter at St Paul Pioneer Press on December 3, 2018. ~~ Publius Jr

Mike “Bones” Hartzell, shown in a Jan. 1997 file photo, has been a familiar sight winter and summer along Rice Street from University Avenue to Maryland Avenue. Hartzell is known for his caravan of carts and wagons, including his heavily-loaded wheelbarrow. (Pioneer Press: Scott Takushi)

In St. Paul’s North End, Mike Hartzell was known by another name, one that drew familiar nods and warm smiles from storefront to storefront. “Bones” called Rice Street home, and residents and business owners claimed him as their own.

When television and newspaper reports described him as homeless, some bristled.

“The writer missed the point,” said a reader, responding online after a Feb. 2017 news article about a state legislative proclamation recognizing Bones on his 70th birthday. “Bones isn’t homeless. Rice Street is Bones’ home!”

Bones, a Vietnam veteran who swept and shoveled Rice Street’s sidewalks for his meals and found community outside its bars and stores, died Sunday following an illness, according to friends and family. He was 71.

In Feb. 2017, two state lawmakers read a proclamation at Lonetti’s Lounge on Rice Street honoring Bones on the occasion of his 70th birthday. The celebration included a nacho bar, cake and ice cream.

The proclamation recognized “Bones as an upstanding citizen of St. Paul and icon on Rice Street.” It noted that Bones attended Washington High School and, after graduation, served in the U.S. Armed Forces in Vietnam, a period that Rice Street locals say he never liked to talk about.

It went on to say: “After discharge, Bones became highly independent, caring for the North End neighborhood to the best of his ability … He is a steward of the community, cleaning up streets and sidewalks along Rice Street and caring for the health of abandoned pets.”

“He believes the world without walls is his home and has worked hard to keep the community safe … Bones became an iconic figure on Rice Street, and all stores in the area welcome him with respect.”

A Facebook page that was created a few years ago to track his exploits drew more than 11,000 followers, and a smattering of impromptu pictures of Bones on his bicycle. When his bicycle was stolen, the neighborhood sprang into action, scouring corners until it was returned to him.

Keith Skip Duffney, one of many Rice Streeters who considered Bones an unofficial extension of his own family, told the Facebook community on Nov. 20 that “Mike is still in hospital with pneumonia and a very weak heart. He is being stubborn about his care and he would like to go to VA hospital. We are trying to get him moved but that is not easy. We don’t really know what will happen here but praying for recovery.”

“I know Mike has been lucky to have all of you caring for him all these years,” he added.

On Sunday morning, as it became clear Bones had been transferred to hospice care, Jeremiah Welter posted, “I don’t know when things took such a turn for the worst? He seemed alright when we went and (saw) him in the hospital. He is very strong-willed and resilient though.” By Sunday night, Welter and others associated with Tin Cup’s Bar were fundraising for an engraved bench in Bones’ memory

Memorial Gathering on December 11th

A memorial gathering will be held from noon to 8 p.m. Dec. 11 at Bradshaw Funeral Home, 1078 Rice St. There will be a time of sharing at 3 p.m. and a prayer service at 4 p.m. A community gathering at the Klub Haus, 1079 Rice St., will follow.

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