City of Saint Paul

The following Links are departments in the City of Saint Paul Government citizens should be aware of in order to fully be engaged.

15 Kellogg Blvd. West
Saint Paul, MN 55102

For General Information: 651-266-8989

Most Livable City

Resident Resources

Resident Handbook
Housing and Property Management
Libraries In Saint Paul
Ramsey County Library
Transportation and Transit
Recycling and Waste Reduction
Permits and Licenses

To report an incident

You need enter in the information in the web form.  All contact information submitted within the form will be kept confidential.

All concerns will be investigated. If a violation is found, a compliance letter will be issued to the property owner. Depending on the type of violation, the City gives property owners time to resolve most violations; therefore you may not always see immediate results.

Should a problem require urgent attention, please call us immediately at 651-266-8989. For a police emergency, dial 911.”

Types of incidents you can report:
Abandoned Vehicles (report after 48 hours)
ADA Complaint
Animal Complaint
Ask a General Question
Complaint about City Employee
Damaged Sidewalk
Discrimination Complaint
Fair Housing Complaint
Fire and EMS
Garbage and Refuse
Hazardous Parking
Human Rights
Loose or Protruding Manhole Cover
Noise Nuisance
Opinion (general)
Overhanging Trees or Shrubs
Parking and Parking Meters
Police Issue
Property Maintenance
Rental Property Complaint
Right of Way Obstruction and Signs
Snow and Ice
Storm Sewer Leaking and Blockage
Street Lights
Taxi, Unlicensed Taxi
Traffic Signals
Traffic and Road Signs
Vacant Buildings
Water Leaking on Roadway
Weeds and Tall Grass (private or public property)

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Saint Paul Republican City Committee

We believe we are "endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights." We support defending the right to life, protecting religious and political liberties, and expect that government treats all of its citizens equally under the law.

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