HD 66B Polling Locations

These are the New Updated 2022 Polling Locations House District 66B In-Person Voting for August 9th Primary and November 8th General Election.

NOTE: Ramsey County has an Interactive GIS Precinct Map you can create individualized maps

Ramsey County Interactive GIS Precinct Maps

Also you can refer to static maps of our House District 66B in the District 3 & District 6 Maps of the Ramsey County Commission District Maps.

Ramsey County Districts 3 & 6 Precinct Detail

New 2022 St. Paul Polling Location List


Here are the 2022 Polling locations for the 9 Precincts of House District 66 B.  Some Precinct numbers have changed, and some Precincts have become larger while others have shrunk.  If you are unsure where your polling location is feel free to use the MN Secretary of State’s Poll Finder at pollfinder.sos.state.mn.us

Ward 5 Precinct 1

*North Dale Rec Center, 1414 St Albans St N, 55117 Map

Ward 5 Precinct 2

*North Dale Rec Center, 1414 St Albans St N 55117 Map

*- Indicates two polling locations at the same location

Ward 5 Precinct 3

Front Ave Hi-Rise, 727 Front Ave 55103 Map

Ward 5 Precinct 4

Washington Technology Magnet School, 1495 Rice St 55117 Map

Ward 5 Precinct 5

McDonough Community Center, 1544 Timberlake Rd 55117 Map

Ward 5 Precinct 7

Mosaic Christian Community, 540 Wheelock Pkwy E 55130 Map

Ward 5 Precinct 8

Arlington Hills Community Center, 1200 Payne Ave 55130 Map

Ward 5 Precinct 9

St Patrick’s of St Paul, 1095 Desoto St 55130 Map

Ward 6 Precinct 6

Edgerton High Rise, 1000 Edgerton St 55130 Map


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