Saint Paul City Council

St Paul City Council

Front Row Left to Right: Dai Thao Ward1, Jane Prince Ward 7, Amy Brendmoen Ward 5, Rebecca Noecker Ward 2. Back row Left to Right: Chris Tolbert Ward 3, Russ Stark Ward 4, Dan Bostrom Ward 6

The Legistar has a calendar of upcoming meetings of various departments, the city council and the mayor’s office.

Saint Paul City Calendar (Legistar)

What Ward and Precinct do I live in? Click the link below to find out.

Ward and Precinct Locator


Ward 1 Dai Thao
Ward 2 Rebecca Noecker
Ward 3 Chris Tolbert
Ward 4 Russ Stark
Ward 5 Amy Brendmoen
Ward 6 Dan Bostrom
Ward 7 Jane L Prince(Red means DFL)

Feel Free to click on any of the websites above to see contact information, newsletters of each ward. Currently there are no Republicans serving on the City Council. Terms of office are 4 year terms and held in odd numbered years, the next time City Council members are up for election is in 2019.

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