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If you would like to contact the Mayor of St Paul feel free to use the link below. There are forms to invite the Mayor to a meeting or an event. There is a web form to contact the Mayor. In it you will need to provide your personal information, then an area to state why you need to contact the Mayor.

Contact the Mayor’s Office

Mayor Melvin Carter III (DFL)

January 2, 2018, Mayor Melvin Carter III was sworn into office.

Mayor Carter’s Top Priorities In Office Are:

Ensuring kids thrive as Saint Paul grows

  • Focus on early childhood investments to give every student a strong start.
  • Invest in comprehensive support systems – including essential health services and affordable housing for Saint Paul children and families.
  • Partner with schools, colleges, workforce training programs and trade unions.

Building safer neighborhoods from the ground up

  • Hire police officers that reflect our city’s diversity, have a stake in our neighborhoods, and protect and serve all of us.
  • Make sure officers are trained in de-escalation techniques and connected to social workers, mental health providers and crisis prevention counselors so they can help people in crisis get the help they need.
  • Hold officers accountable for conduct that doesn’t meet our standards.

Investing in a city that delivers on its promise

  • Ensure economic growth reaches all corners of our city – especially the areas that need it most.
  • Invest in businesses along cultural corridors across the city.
  • Make it easier for Saint Paul residents to open and run a business – especially people of color, immigrants, and women.


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