Grassroots involvement relies upon the easiest to use tools and being able to communicate what is needed in the field or inside during a planning session.  This is why we will provide you with maps of each Ward, Precinct, our Neighboring House Districts, our Senate District, Minnesota’s Fourth Congressional District, and other maps that may be of use in House District 66B.

Minnesota Senate District 66

MN House District 66A     MN House District 66B 

(on the map of HD 66B the number of W6P3 was changed to W6P7)

Precincts of House District 66B (Ward Precinct)

Saint Paul Wards and District Councils

W1P16     W4P12     W4P13     W5P2     W5P3     W5P4     W5P5

W5P8      W5P9     W6P1     W6P7

Other St Paul House & Senate Districts 64, 65, 67

MN Senate District 64    MN HD 64A     MN HD 64B

MN Senate District 65    MN HD 65A     MN HD 65B

MN Senate District 67    MN HD 67A     MN HD 67B

Donald Trump narrowly missed winning this state in 2016.  The Map below shows where each party has legislative seats in.  Erroneously they show Red for Republican and Blue for DFL, historically the Republicans were always the blue party until 2000, the Red-Blue switcheroo happened in 2006.

Map by Party for the 90th MN Legislature 2017-18

St Paul District Councils

Saint Paul has a rich history of active and distinct neighborhoods. To support neighborhood participation in governance, the district council planning process was created in 1975. There are 17 district councils. Responsibilities of the councils include: planning and advising on the physical, economic, and social development of their areas; identifying needs; initiating community programs; recruiting volunteers; and sponsoring community events.

The following map includes shaded areas that are Wards.  As you can tell there are several layers of government in St Paul.  It is confusing to most which governing area you are actually in.

St Paul’s 17 District Councils

Ramsey County Commission – 7 Districts

St Paul is the largest city in Ramsey County.  To promote an urgency to replace the current almost all DFL board (Blake Huffman is the only Republican), we will post all of the County Commissioner Districts in Ramsey County.  The Districts covering a part or most of House District 66B are District 3, 4 and 6 (these will be displayed in Red).

Ramsey County Commission 7 Districts

District-1    District 2     District 3     District 4    District 5     District 6 District 7

St Paul Public Schools

Saint Paul Public Schools (SPPS) are in Independent School District (ISD) 625.  The entire city is in one school district.

St Paul Public Schools (SPPS) ISD 625

St Paul Fire Department (SPFD)

St Paul’s Bravest are on-call 24/7/365.  When they are not training, fighting fires, helping to free motorists from car accidents, or providing immediate life-saving aid to people, they also give free blood pressure checks at the many Fire Stations around the City of St Paul.  The interactive map link below takes you to the SPFD’s website where there is more information about the department at a click away.

St Paul Fire Station Map

St Paul Crime Statistics Map

St Paul Police Department (SPPD) breaks up the City of St Paul into 3 Districts (Western, Central, and Eastern) and further into Crime Statistics Grids.  They track various crimes throughout the city.  They have a monthly go to chart that tells by type of crime and where the crimes happened.  We are providing a Crime Statistics Map (you can find where you live according to it), and the link to the Crime Statistics of the SPPD, which we’ve just found out they closed it off to the public (it used to be open to the public to look where the crime is happening).

St Paul Police Crime Statistics Grid Map

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