Smartmatic Software May Have Changed Votes to Biden in Real Time

Sidney Powell a member of President Trump’s Legal Team, General Michael Flynn’s attorney, Federal Prosecutor, best selling author, and a prominent appellate attorney explains the Crime of the Century.

It has to do with the Dominion voting machines and the software used that has helped decide elections for “interested parties” wishing to win despite actual results. The Smoking gun is from a first hand witness to the voter fraud of the Smartmatic software that would change the vote of a voter without it being tracked to a specific voter even if the voter used a thumbprint to indicate who they are.

The witness saw this in the Venezuelan Election of Hugo Chavez in 2006, and again in 2013. The witness said they were in a room with readouts of real time data showing the results. The candidate’s team could change the vote in areas when they seemed to be losing.

The Smartmatic Chairman is Admiral Peter Neffenger who is on the Transition Team for Joe Biden. Neffenger is a former US Coast Guard Commander who served under President Obama as the Administrator of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) from July 2015 to January 20, 2017 the day when President Trump was inaugurated.

Sidney Powell said the CIA had to know about this voting system as it is run by Cuban, Venezuelan and Communist money.  It has been used to change Elections all over the world. She said that the voting systems were tied together via the internet and in the case of the Venezuelan elections when one side was losing they shutdown the internet so they could adjust the software to change the outcome. It took roughly 2 hours to accomplish this task.

Lou Dobbs says the FBI is investigating this election.

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Stop the Steal: MN State Capitol Nov 14th noon

So looking at the internet to get more information about this event, there really isn’t anything that exists.

Went to and looked up the Minnesota Rally and clicked on it and the Eventbrite page shows it has been cancelled or an “Oops that page doesn’t exist” message, because the site is part of Big Tech. Clicked on the other events around the country and they too have similar messages.

So is there a rally at 12 pm today at the State Capitol? In Faith we would like to think there is.  The MNGOP website hasn’t been updated since the election and has no information about this.

There is a reason there had to be Voter Fraud and it has less to do with Biden than you think.  Governments around the world were planning on ramping up their anti-Covid19 efforts before the election as part of some sort of plan to limit freedom—they don’t show real evidence of an increase in Covid cases only that spreader events in which regular people have caused, not their BLM/Antifa rallies.

Only Donald Trump was in their way.  Donald Trump doesn’t listen to what the World wants but listens to his Christian Heart and does what is best for the United States of America. We know this to be true as he puts America First.

Make a safe plan to go to the State Capitol today, bring a mask, bring a friend, bring a neighbor, pray for your safety.

Stop the Steal

Find out how to be an Election Judge now. How to be a Ramsey County Election Judge

SD Candidate Greg Copeland Opposes Organized Trash while Senator Marty Wrote a Law For it

Greg Copeland ran for St Paul’s Ward 6, an open seat vacated by the long time Councilman Dan Bostrom. His top position was and is now is to oppose the Organized Trash Ordinance in St Paul MN.  That’s what the tag line “The Original Vote No Candidate,” refers to.  Though Voting No is an easy position to take in St Paul as the DFL Controlled Government can’t say no to a new tax or freedom limiting ordinance or regulation.  The unfairly, unevenly administered Organized Trash Ordinance was essentially a Garbage Tax hitting people hard on low incomes, zero-wasters, people who shared a garbage bin with a neighbor, and retired people on fixed incomes, while letting businesses and multiple unit apartment building landlords off the hook.

The areas that are light green, white, or light or dark red are mainly in HD 66B

It should not come as a surprise as evidence on social media, and other platforms, residents are complaining about the lousy service and high Trash bills.  Those who Voted Yes in the 2019 Referendum tend to come from more affluent neighborhoods and when compared to the Poverty Level stats you’ll see why those areas just east of Lake Como on the map above are not in favor of the “garbage tax.”

According to the website House District 66B has 40% of Household children under 18 are living in Poverty and 15% of Senior Citizens are living below the poverty line, an estimated 26.7% of people are living in poverty in HD 66B according to 2018 census data.  How do those people afford another increase in fees and taxes?  

Is this Ethical?

Senator Marty seems to not to care at all in the upper middle class neighborhood he lives on the edge of Roseville and St Anthony. How does John live there on just a State Representative’s salary?

Senator John Marty, the author of SF 510 during the 2013-14 Session wrote the language to allow Organized Trash Ordinances to be enacted by cities. You can read how that bill went through the legislature at Minnesota SF 510.

As seen in the Census Reporter link Senator John Marty doesn’t seem to care that the high poverty seen in the Eastern side of House District 66B was against his inspired Organized Trash Ordinance.  Greg Copeland happens to live in that neighborhood of high poverty.

If you would like to reverse the unfairly applied Organized Trash Ordinance vote No to John Marty, Vote For Greg Copeland.

This article was re-posted by permission of the SD 66 Candidate Greg Copeland Campaign.

MNGOPAC Endorses HD 66B Mikki Murray & SD 66 Greg Copeland

The Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus, does not endorse candidates, but their Political Action Committee, MNGOPAC does.

MNGOPAC Endorses Republican Candidates of SD 66 Greg Copeland and HD 66B MIkki Murray


[This is from the letter sent to SD 66 Republican Candidate Greg Copeland, Mikki Murray probably got something similar to this].

We are pleased to inform you that the Minnesota Gun Owners Political Action Committee has officially endorsed your candidacy in the 2020 General Election.

In addition, our parent organization, the Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus, has awarded you a grade for your support for gun rights in Minnesota.

Your endorsement letter is attached and contains your specific grade. Details of our grading scale and process can be viewed at

We are confident that you will be a strong, steadfast supporter of gun rights in Saint Paul during the 2021 – 2022 legislative biennium – pushing for our legislative priorities such as Constitutional Carry and Stand your Ground and opposing all facets of the gun control agenda.

Thank you for your strong support of the Second Amendment and your commitment to individual liberty.

Please accept our best wishes for a successful campaign.

Yours in Liberty,
Bryan Strawser, Chair
Rob Doar, Political Director

Bryan Strawser, Chair
Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus | 612-424-4032 | @mnguncaucus

MNGOPAC 2020 General Election Grading & Endorsements

Greg Copeland & Mikki Murray filled out the surveys which were sent out to the candidates and earned an “A” Rating.

Find out how some incumbent legislators did, like the 33 year Career Politician Senator John Marty or other Career Politicians

MN Gun Owners Caucus MN Legislative Scorecard 2019-20


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