Welcome MN HD66B Republicans

Welcome to the official Saint Paul Republican website for Minnesota House District 66B.

We proudly serve the city of Saint Paul and the Republicans of Minnesota House District 66B want to help you live a better life.

We Republicans believe in you more than Local, State or the Federal Governments do. You know how best to spend the money you earned at work. It is your choice if want to give your money to those less fortunate than you or those who have had an unplanned event that they cannot cover the cost. You should not be forced to give to the Government programs that act like Charities by the rule of law to do so.

You should be able to worship your faith without intervention or exclusion by the government. The government’s laws should not be harsh nor impose a gag on you on voicing your opinions influenced by your faith.

A person who looks after the persons around them after they have taken care of their needs is called a good neighbor. This is what we want to do, to be a good neighbor to you.


Stay Informed – Links to Other Republican Websites

Minnesota Federation of Republican Women
MN Congressional District 4 Republicans
Minnesota Senate Republicans
Minnesota House Republican Caucus
Republican National Committee
National Republican Senate Committee
National Republican Congressional Committee

Go to the link below for the current MNGOP Party Platform

2016 Standing Minnesota Republican Party Platform

Endorsed Republican Candidate Websites

  • Jeff Johnson for Governor


  • Doug Wardlow for Attorney General


  • John Howe for Secretary of State


  • Pam Myhra for State Auditor


  • Karin Housley for Senate


  • Jim Newberger for Senate


  • Greg Ryan for MN Congressional District 4


2018 Election Dates

Precinct Caucuses – 6:30pm Registration
(Location for HD66B Republicans – Como Park Elementary School)

MAR 13 
Township Elections

JUN 29
Yard Signs can be displayed
June 29 to November 16;

Vote by mail or in person
June 29 through August 13
for the Primary

JUL 24
Register to vote in advance by
July 24 to save time on
Primary Election Day

AUG 14
Primary Election

SEP 21
Vote by mail or in person
September 21 through
November 5

OCT 16
Register to vote in advance by
October 16 to save time
on Election Day

Election Day

More information can be found on the Secretary of State for Minnesota’s website:
SOS.State.MN 2018 Elections

Would you like more information on how you can get involved?

If so, please send us a note with your contact information through the form below.

I love Saint Paul

Map of HD66B

66B Map

You can go to the MAPS page to get a larger image.

You can also click here to find out what precinct you live in:

Find Your Minnesota Ward and Precinct Polling Location

2018 Second Harvest Donations v4

 House District 66B Officers:

  • Tom Polachek – Chair
  • Jeff Carnes – Deputy Chair
  • Paul Vlahutin – Treasurer
  • Micky Hart – Secretary
  • Sara Rasque –  Vice Chair Data & Technology/Media
  • Greg Copeland – Vice Chair Outreach and Party Development
  • Mike Heilman – Vice Chair Finances and Fundraising

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