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2020 Merry Christmas Message from The President & First Lady

It’s been a tough year for everyone. At this time of year people stress out on not being able to live up to their usual family traditions.  It is sobering to know people will be embracing Christmas in a different way as many have had to do without.  So embrace your neighbor figuratively, let them know you care, clean off their sidewalk of snow when you know they can’t.  Take another neighbor to the store to buy groceries when they don’t have a car or their car won’t start in frigid weather.  Take turns digging out the nearest fire hydrant.

It’s nice to know our President is one of us and cares about us and is fighting for us.  We HD 66B Republicans pray for the health and safety of our President in this tough uncertain time.

We’ll get through this together. So support each other, pray for each other.

Be a good neighbor.

Merry Christmas & Have a Happy Healthy New Year,

Tom Polachek, HD 66B Republicans Chair

2020 #ProLifeSundays Celebrate with Your Whole Family, Friends & Colleagues Throughout the Year

Celebrating Life begins with your family, extended family, friends and colleagues.

We at would like to follow a tradition started by our Chair Tom Polachek who is the administrator of the website since 2012.

In 2003 Tom’s father passed away in July. The attention of his aunts and uncles to him and his siblings during the initial bereavement period needed some sort of recognition. So the next year in 2004 he let his aunts and uncles know that he appreciated them in his life. Tom also created Aunts and Uncles day in July the 2nd Sunday to say thanks. It was actually very close to the birthday of one of his 4 uncles.

He noticed that siblings or cousins were not recognized so he started up Brothers, Sisters & Cousins day the 2nd Sunday of August. Some say there is a day in April for that but what can really one do in the month of April; no one picnics/BBQs in April. You can do more on a warm August Sunday.

So when Tom started in late May 2012 as the administrator of that site he wrote articles promoting the Family days of Mothers, Fathers, Aunts & Uncles, Brothers-Sisters & Cousins, and Grandparents Days. He hoped the new holidays would catch on everywhere.

In 2017 Tom started calling these holidays #PROLIFESundays. He wanted to include Friends & Colleagues Day in October 2017 but his self-imposed deadline for that article came and went as he scrambled to post Candidate Election articles.

Why celebrate a day for Friends & Colleagues?  On an average day you spend a third of your day with your colleagues at work; and friends give you advice and give you some breathing space in forms of athletic outings or fun activities. Let’s face it not everyone is married and friends are the life line for many single people. Paul had Barnabas, and Jesus had 12 main disciples who were friends and also his colleagues. Life would be so bland without your friends. So why not say thank you to them for enriching your life?

Why #ProlifeSundays?

We Christian Conservative Republicans see nurturing and supporting life as natural as breathing. Those who mislabel themselves as Pro-Choice are really Anti-Life. You see Anti-Life in many things they do:  making healthcare decisions for you; putting government concerns before you; stealing your salary in incremental bits called taxes and spending it on programs that take your “choices” away from you; and putting unelected judges as governors over the elected Representatives, Senators, State Governors, and our President.  We are actually “Pro-Choice” as in the idea of allowing you to decide on how to live your life without the government meddling in your affairs. As for reproductive rights as the Anti-Life people refer to, we believe you have a choice on whether to engage in risky behavior outside of your marriage or before it that possibly might result in a pregnancy.  You can refrain from letting your passion take over in those circumstances especially if you’re not married.

So Celebrate Life with your family & friends in everything you do.

Dates of #PROLIFESundays:

April 12                Resurrection (Easter) Day

May 10                  Mother’s Day 

June 21                 Father’s Day

July 12                   Aunt’s & Uncle’s Day

August 9               Brothers, Sisters & Cousins Day

September 13   Grandparents Day

October 18          Friends & Colleagues Day  

In November there is a #ProLifeThursday on Thanksgiving where most people give thanks for their God given blessings, their family and job; eat well, and watch football.

In December celebrates the entire month the history and contributions of Christians in American History. Perhaps we will too.

This article was was copied and pasted from the original article posted at It was altered to fit this website and this year’s Calendar.  The permission was granted by myself as I wrote it for  I used to post St Paul Republican City Committee events until mid-2014 when CD4 Republicans unconstitutionally cancelled the sovereignty of SPRCC led mainly by Patsy Anderson and Never Trumper Jim Carson. — Tom Polachek

2019 Saint Paul Safe Summer Nights Schedule June 6th to October 26th

The Safe Summer Nights program was started up by Tom Campion who thought people of St Paul need to get to know their Police, Fire Fighters and other first responders.

It is a chance to network with people in your neighborhood.  Great Food and Great People and Great Family Friendly Fun.

Look for a nearby date or hit them all   See you there.  Here is the schedule below with maps.


The program has been so successful that it generated interest throughout the Metro with events in Saint Paul and eight in surrounding communities. One is a neighborhood barbecue that takes place at various parks around the city. Events begin at 5 p.m. and go to 7 p.m. every Thursday beginning in June and running through August.  The list for 2019 Safe Summer Nights Events is below:

June 6     McDonough Rec Center (1544 Timberlake Rd) Map
June 13  Linwood Rec Center (860 St. Clair Ave) Map
June 20  Dayton’s Bluff Rec Center (800 Conway St) Map
June 27  Rice St Rec Center (1021 Marion St) Map

July 11    MLK Rec Center (271 N. Mackubin St) Map
July 18    Conway Park (2090 Conway St) Map
July 25    Parque de Castillo (149 Cesar Chavez St) Map

August 1     Hamline Park (1564 Lafond Ave) Map
August 8     Arlington Hills Rec Center (1200 Payne Ave) Map
August 15  Palace Community Center (791 Palace Ave) Map
August 22  Oxford Community Center (270 Lexington Pkwy N) Map
August 29  Highwood Hills Rec Center (2188 Londin Ln E) Map

October 26 SPECIAL EVENT  Arlington Hills Fall Festival (1200 Payne Ave) Map