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Proudly serving the city of Saint Paul, the Republicans of Minnesota House District 66B want to help you live a better life.

MN HD 66B Republicans Endorse Mikki Murray to be CD4 Republican Chair

At the House District 66B Republican Convention on February 9, 2019 the delegates unanimously endorsed Mikki Murray to be the next Fourth Congressional District (CD4) Republican Chair.

If elected Mikki Murray will be the first Saint Paul Resident since Rory Koch was elected to the Chair position in 2007.

Mikki Murray has served as a Vice Chair for the current term from 2017-2019.  She hadn’t planned on running for Vice Chair then until Tom Polachek who had been nominated suggested she run too.

The current CD4 Republican Deputy Chair Karen Bauman had suggested to Vice Chair Murray to run for the Chair position.

In her speech to her own House District Convention, Mikki Murray said Saint Paul is vital to winning in statewide campaigns, and in the Congressional District against the incumbent Rep Betty McCollum. Mikki Murray is optimistic that by diligent work Republicans can chip away at the Democrats control of the District.

We Minnesota House District 66B Republicans pray for your success Mikki!

HRA of Minnesota Invites You To Winter Session Meeting

Hispanic Republican Assembly of Minnesota

Winter Season 2019 Networking Meeting

  • Wednesday, February 6, 2019
  • Burger Moe’s on West 7th Saint Paul
  • 6pm to 8:30pm

Imagine Our City

Information below from Saint Paul City Website:

Imagine Our City

Click Link To Join The Conversation

“2018 was an incredible year in Saint Paul. We achieved so much for our city together. Join the conversation in February as we hold Imagine Our City events to shape the future of Saint Paul together!” ~ Mayor Carter

See images below for meeting dates and locations.


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If you can’t join the Mayor at one of his Imagine Our City events, tell him what you want to talk about in 2019 by going to the below link sharing you priorities by filling out the form.

Form looks like this:

Picture of form found at

Want to talk about something that’s not listed here? Send an email to!

For Residents Of Saint Paul: We Want Your Feedback

Here are the survey results.


Do you live within the City of Saint Paul? 

Please complete this survey to help us know what issues or topics are most important to you.  This will help us know what areas we should focus on for the next couple of years.  WHAT MATTERS MOST TO YOU? This could be initiatives you want to see the city to continue to pursue or initiatives the city has prioritized that you feel shouldn’t be a priority.

Click on the link or scan the QR code to take the survey.

What Matters Most To Me As A Resident of Saint Paul



There is also a meeting scheduled for January 26th to discuss the preliminary results of the survey and to continue the conversation of coming together to be conservative activists in Saint Paul.  The meeting is for Saint Paul residents only.

meeting image