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Tell The St Paul City Council to Vote No on Minimum Parking Proposal on wednesday August 4th

The letter below was sent out by he SD 64 GOP Chair Georgia Dietz requesting it be posted in order to inform St Paul Residents of an important matter. She would like those who read the posting to contact the City Council and to request them to vote down the proposal.

There is a notice of the Wednesday August 4, 2021 Meeting below her message. The highlighted links in the City Council notice. You can submit your letters via email. Please keep them civil and to the point.  As a courtesy to a fellow Republican Chair in St Paul we are sending it out to you.~~admin

Hello everyone:
I am forwarding this info on how to send public comment to the St Paul City Council Meeting, to be held this Wednesday, the 4th, at 3:30.
I will forward the agenda, as well.

From the Highland Villager, July 7, 2021.
“The St Paul Planning Commission voted 14-3 on June 25 to recommend that the city eliminate minimum off-street parking requirements for new developments. The proposal is now headed to the City Council for a final vote.”

St Paul developers are currently required to provide a minimum number of spaces.
I looked at the planning commission minutes. It looks like they are, basically, changing the minimum to a maximum number of spaces allowed.
Developers can still add spaces if they think necessary.
“It took four years to put this in front of us”, said Kristine Grill, chair of the Planning Commission’s Comprehensive and Neighborhood Planning Committee.”
This tells us how long the liberals who run St Paul have worked toward getting us out of our cars and making it harder to park close to businesses, apartment buildings, or anywhere we want to frequent in St Paul. There won’t be any parking spots.
‘”If the change is adopted, she [ Ms Grill ] would like to see it reviewed in one year.”
“Proponents said not having the requirements would help lower costs for developers and could reduce residential and commercial rents.”
“It would also ENCOURAGE” people to walk, bike and use mass transit.”
“Planning commission chair, Luis Rangel Morales was one of the three votes against the recommendations, saying they raise questions of equity for low-income renters.
 He questioned whether it is realistic to assume that landlords would reduce rents if they did not have to provide off-street parking.”
Kudos to Mr. Rangel Morales.
Please say ‘No”, to the City Council members who think we should be forced to walk blocks to our favorite store.
Please send a comment to the city council.  Only 167 people sent in chimed in to the planning commission to get rid of mandated parking.
We must have that many city folks who believe that getting rid of parking spaces will make it harder to park near one’s destination and force more parking onto the street, or, force people to head to the suburbs, where they welcome shoppers.

[Item 20 on the Wednesday August 4th, St Paul City Council Meeting Agenda]

Wednesday August 4, 2021 St Paul City Council Meeting Details

Agenda Item 20: Amending Ordinance 21-27    Full City Council Agenda

Agenda Item 20:

Amending Legislative Code Chapters 60, 63, 65, and 66 pertaining to off-street parking requirements. Sponsor Amy Brendmoen, Ward 5 City Councilwoman

Saint Paul City Council Invites Community to View Council Meetings Online Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Residents Can Participate in Public Hearings by Submitting Comments Electronically

Saint Paul, MN –In-person meetings, or meetings conducted under Minn. Stat. § 13D.02 of the City Council, are not practical or prudent because of the COVID-19 health pandemic emergency declared under Minn. Stat. Chapter 12 by the Minnesota Governor Tim Walz and Saint Paul Mayor Melvin Carter. In light of the COVID-19 health pandemic, members of the City Council will participate in City Council meetings by telephone or other electronic means.

View City Council Meetings Online

Public attendance at the City Council’s regular meeting location is not feasible due to the COVID-19 health pandemic. Members of the public may view City Council meetings online at or on local cable Channel 18.

Submit Comments for Public Hearing Electronically

The public may comment on public hearing items in writing or via voicemail. Any comments and materials submitted by 12:00 pm of the day before the meeting will be attached to the public record and available for review by the City Council. Comments may be submitted as follows:

Written public comment on public hearing items can be submitted to, or by voicemail at 651-266-6805.

While the Council will make best efforts to decide all issues before them, the Council may delay decisions on certain matters where the members believe meeting in-person is necessary. All City Council public hearings will be held at 3:30 p.m. and there will be no separate 5:30 p.m. public hearings.

More information is available at

2021 MN CD4 Convention Friday March 19th

Minnesota Congressional District 4 is having a it’s Convention on FRIDAY evening March 19th. It is hopefully the last Zoom Convention Republicans have to socially distance themselves.  Networking with people from all around the Congressional District and from outside it to include non-partisan groups has been missed. It’s not really the same as in previous years, though we’ve learned some new skills because of the shared experience of the last year.

What: MN Fourth Congressional District Convention

When: FRIDAY March 19, 2021; Login at 6:00 PM, Gavel at 7:00 PM

Where: Zoom

Cost: $20 Registration for Bpou CD4 Delegates, Alternates, and Guests. 

  • Register by March 17 11:59 pm and here is how you register
  • Go to
  • Pay 2 ways: 1. Online at the above link, 2. By Post Mail by mailing a check payable to CD4 Republicans, 2355 Fairview Ave N #279, Roseville MN 55113 (if you are registering by mail call 763-843-9007 to receive a paper copy of the Convention Call)

Convention Business:  

  • Election of CD4 Republican Executive Officers (Chair, Deputy Chair, 6 Vice Chairs, Treasurer, Secretary)
  • Election of CD4 Republican State Executive Committee Representative
  • CD4 Constitutional Amendments
  • RPM Executive Officer Candidate Speeches, Other dignitary speeches
  • Other Business and Announcements

Candidates for Office Deadline is Monday March 15th

If you would like to run for an Executive Committee position please contact Nominations Committee (Christine Jacobson

The CD4 Convention should be exciting as at least two of our Delegates, and newly elected Vice Chairs Mikki Murray and Sara Rasque-Michener are running for Executive Positions at the Convention. Mikki Murray is running for re-election as CD4 Chair. Sara Rasque-Michener is running to be the CD4 State Executive. Both in their efforts in the last 2 years have increased participation in St Paul despite last year being a pandemic year. We wish them good luck.

If you are not a HD 66B Republican Delegates or Alternate feel free to register as a guest, which is $20. We have separate Delegate & Alternate slates to CD4 & State Conventions to increase participation. We’re one of the few BPOUs in the State that does this.

Disclaimer: HD 66B Republicans do not receive any portion of the $20 or PCR money given to the CD4 Republicans. If you want to give  your PCR please consider giving it to HD 66B Republicans, keep it local.

Please Do Not Go to the MN Capitol Building January 16-17 nor for Inauguration Day

To All Republicans and DFLers who live in Minnesota House District 66B:

Please do not go to the MN Capitol Building this weekend January 16-17, nor for the Inauguration Day, January 20, 2021.  It is a very emotional time in the history of the United States of America. Tempers may flare and people may do actions they will live to regret.  For your safety and your health please stay away from the MN Capitol Building and it’s grounds and stay at home.

Many Republicans and some DFLers believe there were election irregularities in the November Election and also in the Georgia Run-offs.  There has been no explanation of why the Minnesota State Voter Registration System (SVRS) crashed on Halloween 2020, and what effect it had on the outcome of the General Election in the state of Minnesota. Also alleged reports of Rep Ilhan Omar’s Get Out the Vote efforts in Congressional District 5 seem highly illegal.

People are wondering why these instances in the State of Minnesota have been ignored by leaders in our State and Federal Government, as well as vote changing by Smartmatic on Dominion Vote Counting machines in foreign countries.  So it is really understandable to want to get someone to actually listen to you when you don’t think they care.

All those who love freedom of speech and the right to assemble with those that are like minded, or want to worship in the manner they choose need to implore our leaders in the Federal, State, local Governments, and in businesses to respect people’s 1st Amendment Rights.  As a US Army Soldier some decades ago I defended your Rights in the Bill of Rights.  Whether we agree or disagree these are sacred rights. To take that right away from others is to subject them to oppression for doing nothing to deserve it.

Violence is not the answer. It leads to more problems and it doesn’t solve the current problems.  We are told we need to petition the government to address our grievances, and this is what we implore you to do. Contact your US Representatives to let them hear your concerns. Sure our MN CD4 Representative in Washington DC is Career Politician Betty McCollum and she doesn’t seem to care but if you don’t let her know how upset you are she will do what she always does and be a rubber stamp for what her Democrat handlers tell her to do. And please keep it civil when you contact her.

The other activity you can do is to pray for our country, and the leaders to do what is right in the US Constitution and to listen to the Truth, not manufactured truth.

Be well and God Bless you and God Bless America

Tom Polachek, HD 66B Republicans Chair

US Army Veteran (Defender of the US Constitution)


Help Save Lives Dig Out St Paul Fire Hydrants

We never get tired of this video below.  Okay it is a little bit corny but the message of cleaning off the nearest fire hydrant to your house is an important one.  Time is of the essence when the nearest Ladder Company of the St Paul’s Bravest show up to put out a fire.  Let us say that again, Time is very important to saving lives in a fire.  If a firefighter has to waste time digging a hydrant out of a snow bank, your loved one, or your pets, or your neighbors, and their pets could die.

You can take turns with your neighbor over who gets to do the honor of Digging out the Hydrant.

This article was re-posted by permission of  It was published on December 16, 2017.  I used to shovel sidewalks for extra cash during the winter, and I always used to shovel the hydrants free of snow near the clients I had.  ~~ Publius Jr.