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MN CFB: Campaign Finance Training on September 10, 2019 6-9 PM

It is highly encouraged that Bpou officers, treasurers, financial officers, and people considering a run for office in the near future attend a Minnesota Campaign Finance & Disclosures Board (MNCFB) Campaign Compliance Training.


It is highly encouraged to avoid unnecessary fines levied by MNCFB on candidates who fail to open a MNCFB Account once the candidate has raised the minimum of $750 to use in their campaign.


The MN Campaign Finance Board compliance training class is designed to help new treasurers and candidates understand campaign finance rules and reporting requirements.  The class also is a helpful review for experienced treasurers and candidates.


In addition, the Board is offering a special evening training class in St. Paul.  Space is limited at all training classes. Please reserve a seat online at The website also has directions to the training locations and parking information.


Additional compliance training classes in Mankato, St. Cloud, Grand Rapids, Duluth, and St. Paul will be scheduled for later in September and early October.  Registration links for these classes will be added to the training page of the Board’s website as they are scheduled.


Tuesday, September 10, 2019, from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Lady Slipper Room

Centennial Office Building

658 Cedar St.

St. Paul, MN 55155

Since this Training falls on the night of the monthly HD 66B Republicans Meeting we will reschedule our monthly meeting to US Constitution Day September 17th, 6:30 pm at John’s Pizza Cafe located at 616 Como Avenue, Saint Paul.

US Senate Candidate Rob Barrett Visits HD 66B GOP Meeting July 9th

Rob Barrett Jr, US Senate Candidate.

We welcome US Senate Candidate Rob Barrett Jr at our neighborhood party (bpou) meeting on July 9th, at John’s Pizza Cafe from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm. Officers meeting from 6:00 pm to 6:20 pm.

Rob Barrett Jr announced his candidacy for US Senate earlier in 2019 to face Senator Tina Smith.

Our Chair, Tom Polachek, when arranging Barrett to attend mentioned if Rob would be interested in the Neighbor-to-Neighbor Initiative. Rob Barrett Jr said he’d like to know more.

We will be discussing what delegates/alternates and other HD 66B Republican neighbors can do to reach more people who are dissatisfied with the DFL Status Quo Party in our St Paul Neighborhoods.

Other topics to discuss:

  • Helping Saint Paul Trash Lawsuit Group
  • Voter Registration Drive
  • Endorsing Anti-Organized Trash Candidates for City Council
  • Affordable Alternative Event to MNGOP Lincoln Reagan Dinner on October 11th
  • A September 11th Memorial Event

See the Rob Barrett Jr For US Senate website for more information.

Other candidates present for other offices may be Travis Ekbom who announced for Congress, and Greg Copeland who is running for the Ward 6 City Council Seat.

We suggest if you want to eat at the meeting to visit John’s Pizza Café Website and order before you arrive.

We Will Stand With Hayley Tschetter & Star Parker

The following column is from Star Parker’s Urban C.U.R.E.  I am a subscriber to the website Black Community News, I think you should subscribe to it too.

The column below was published on May 29, 2019.  It is about the targeting of a student, her  beliefs and her exercise of her 1st Amendment Rights to Free Speech on a college campus.  It isn’t just any college campus but University of Northwestern in Roseville Minnesota; this University was once run by the Rev Billy Graham, and part of it is in the northwest corner of MN State Senate District 66.

This didn’t happen someplace else…it happened HERE.

We will stand up and Do Something about it.  We will stand with Hayley Tschetter & Star Parker.

~~ Tom Polachek, HD 66B Republicans Chair

Star Parker: Why I’m Breaking My Silence About the Christian University That Rejected My Appearance

“Courage is not simply one of the virtues, but the form of every virtue at the testing point,” observed writer and theologian C.S. Lewis.

Hayley Tschetter, a student at a small Christian university, University of Northwestern, St Paul, knows what this means. She stands alone today with her convictions against a university establishment trying to shut her down.

Tschetter felt there should be a voice on campus taking on the great issues in today’s culture war, so she started a campus chapter of Young Americas Foundation (YAF), which the university approved.

Her first invitee to inaugurate the new program was conservative Star Parker — me.

But her excitement was quickly dashed when the university rejected my appearance, writing in an email, as reported by the YAF, “we really don’t bring speakers who radically hold beliefs that UNW as a whole would not agree with.”

Given that I was asked to discuss abortion and the sanctity of life, what was there that those at this Christian university could not agree with?

Various Christian organizations and conservative media spoke out in protest. I stayed silent because this is a private school, and I believe in free markets and free association.

But now I have learned that the university intends to shut down the YAF chapter, and that Ms. Tschetter is under personal attack by the university establishment.

Two things come to mind that tell me I must speak up.

First, the famous words of conservative statesman/philosopher Edmund Burke: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

I just completed my fifth book, “Necessary Noise,” due out this September, in which I discuss at length the culture war and details of Christian conservatives being purged from our public square.

I discuss stories of Christians such as Kelvin Cochran, who was fired from his job as fire chief of the Atlanta Fire Department after he wrote a book targeted to members of his church expressing biblically based opinions on sexuality, adultery and homosexuality.

Or Crystal Dixon, who was fired from her job as associate vice president of human resources at the University of Toledo for writing an opinion column in the local newspaper challenging the point of view that equates gay rights to the racial civil rights battle fought in the 1960s.

Social media outlets such as Twitter and Facebook purge Christian conservative discussion while major news outlets run front-page stories celebrating homosexual politicians.

I cannot sit back as this young student goes the way of Joan of Arc, becoming yet another victim in this culture war, because her Christian college is using me as its pawn to run from its discomfort in standing up in the cultural battle in our country.

And second, Jim Crow. For those not familiar with black history, black codes and segregation didn’t occur in a vacuum. After 4 million former slaves were freed, they moved throughout the country to build on their newly found freedom, getting paid jobs, public education and running for political office.

Black codes and laws of resistance emerged in the public and private sector to slam the door on blacks assimilating as free and equal citizens.

Good men and women sat idly by hoping it all would go away or somehow work itself out. It didn’t.

It took men and women of courage to speak into the moment. Men like Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Rev. Dr. Billy Graham, who also happened to be the second president of the University of Northwestern, St Paul.

Christian conservatives are now being marginalized and silenced as African Americans once were.

Even at some Christian universities, an establishment comfortable with the status quo fears the boldness of the truths of their own Bible.

They are even afraid of a courageous young student with a zeal for these truths. Fellow students, faculty and alumni should stand by her.

She is, in my book, a grand hero for today.



StarParkerBCNStar Parker is the founder and president of the Center for Urban Renewal and Education. Contact her at

HD 66B Republicans Bpou Meeting April 24th at 6:30 pm

Our regular monthly bpou meeting was moved from the 3rd Thursday of the month to Wednesday April 24, 2019 being last week Thursday was Maundy Thursday. Christian tradition puts the historic day as the night of the Last Supper during Holy Week.

We meet at the Garden Room of John’s Pizza Cafe, 616 Como Ave (Dale St) at 6:30 pm.