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2022 MNGOP Statewide Candidate Caucus Letters

For the Precinct Caucuses on February 1, 2022 and up to the State Convention in May 2022 all of these Candidates Letters and Website Links will remain until the MNGOP Endorses a candidate in each race.

We asked permission from each candidate to post the letters below and we were given permission to do so. ~~ admin

The following candidates are listed in alphabetical order per position. You can click on their name to go to their campaign website.  Their caucus letter is listed and you can download it and read it at your leisure.


Dr Scott Jensen

Website:  drscottjensen.com

Dr Scott Jensen Caucus Letter

Minnesota Attorney General

Jim Schultz

Website:  jimformnag.com

Jim Schultz Caucus Letter

Minnesota Secretary of State

Kim Crockett

Website:  www.kimsos.com

Kim Crockett Caucus Letter

Minnesota State Auditor

Ryan Wilson

Website:  wilson4mn.com

Ryan Wilson for State Auditor BPOU Convention Letter