Legislative Update March 27th was a Success

Left to Right: Rep Patricia Mueller (R-23B Austin MN), Senator Eric Lucero (R-30 Albertville MN), Senator Mark Koran (R-28 North Branch MN), Rep Patti Anderson (R-33A Dellwood), and Rep Walter Hudson (R-30A Albertville MN). Republican Legislators addressed Republicans from Saint Paul at Falcon Heights City Hall.

On March 27, 2023, House District 66B Republican Leaders had invited Republican Legislators to visit and bring Republicans who live in Saint Paul up to date on what is happening in the Minnesota Legislature. Then they fielded questions about issues pertaining to individual legislator’s committee assignments or general political and policy questions.

Senator Mark Koran & Representative Patti Anderson serve on the Legislative Audit Commission. The Commission found the fraudulent Feeding Our Future. There was a suggestion from the audience to Audit the City of St Paul as the Mayor wants a sales tax increase to pay for fixing the potholes in St Paul.

Representative Patricia Mueller is on the MN House Education Policy Committee as well as the Public Safety Finance & Policy Committee. A suggestion from the audience was to require the St Paul Public School Board to be elected by Wards instead of at-large. She had the understanding that the City would need to do that, but it can only be enacted at the State Legislature as long time Rep Phyllis Kahn of Minneapolis had enacted this sort of action for the Minneapolis School Board.

Senator Eric Lucero is on the MN Senate Education Finance Committee, and the Energy Utilities Environment Climate Committee. 

Representative Walter Hudson is in his first term in the Minnesota State House and he has had some very interesting floor debate lately concerning Gun Control and also protecting our children in schools. He is on the MN House Children and Families Finance and Policy Committee, and Public Safety Finance and Policy Committee. He also had a successful podcast prior to being elected in 2022.

Feel free to click on the highlighted Legislators’ links to their legislature pages which contain their contact information, their districts, and what committees they serve on.

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