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Proudly serving the city of Saint Paul, the Republicans of Minnesota House District 66B want to help you live a better life.

Sharing Recipes with Our Neighbors

There is a “Shelter in Place,” order by the Governor of Minnesota Tim Walz. While the Virus Scare has seemed to be more fear than bite we Republicans like always, it seems, have to bend to the will of another Liberal Democrat who wants to dictate to us how we can live. The Virus has been much like the regular Flu where it claims the lives of the frail, and vulnerable.

The best way we can cope is to support each other, pray for each other and our leaders, and to help others when we can. Keep your wits about yourself and to try to live the best you can under the restraints we are placed under.

Sharing Recipes

To help comfort you during this trying time, and to do a little neighborhood outreach, as Chair of HD 66B Republicans I would like to share some recipes you might want to try at home.

In 2018 at the Republican Party of Minnesota State Convention in Duluth MN I brought some cookies I made to share during the long hours of sitting at the convention. I gave each of our delegates a bag of cookies of each kind. In upcoming Shared Recipe Articles I will give those “Convention Cookie,” Recipes out. First in the series will be an economical snack cake.

Double Chocolate Chip Snack Cake

This is from my Betty Crocker Cookbook, soft cover Page 68.

This is a cake I like to make on a weekend for something to eat with coffee. The prep time is about 10-15 minutes and bake time is 35-40 minutes. If you want to add a glaze or frosting that will add another 10 minutes to make it. It is economical as there are few ingredients out of the regular ones I always have in my kitchen (oil, flour, sugar, vanilla, unsweetened cocoa powder, eggs, baking soda, baking powder, salt, etc.). This cake doesn’t require eggs so it might be a good recipe to make after you’ve exhausted your Easter Egg supply. A few ingredients you might not have on hand are chocolate chips, or vinegar.

To avoid too much writing on my 3×5 Recipe Cards, I like to list the ingredient list by letters and then use those letters in the directions.


A. 1 and 2/3 cups Flour (do not use self rising flour)

B. 1 Cup Sugar

C. 1/4 Cup Unsweetened Cocoa (1/4 cup = 4 Tablespoons)

D. 1 teaspoon Baking Soda

E. 1/2 teaspoon Salt

F. 1 Cup Water

G. 1/3 Cup Oil (I like to use extra light tasting olive oil, though vegetable oil works fine)

H. 1 teaspoon Vinegar (I use white vinegar)

J. 1/2 teaspoon Vanilla

K. 1/2 Cup Chocolate Chips (I like to use mini-chips)


    1. Mix Ingredients A thru E together thoroughly with whisk or mixing spoon.
    2. Stir in remaining ingredients except K.
    3. Sprinkle in K into batter.
    4. Preheat oven to 350 F
    5. Pour mixture into an ungreased 8x8x2 pan.
    6. Bake on middle rack position in oven 35-40 minutes or until wooden pick comes out cleanly in the center. Do not overbake.
    7. Cool completely on wire rack
    8. Add topping. It is good without a topping or just a dusting of powdered sugar.

Optional: add flavorings to the mix or if you are a “nut-in-brownies” kind of person you can add cut up pecans or walnuts.Before bakingAfter baking on wire rack to coolWith icing on the cake.

Normally I do a quick glaze which is like frosting except it lacks either the right amount of powdered sugar, or butter, or too much liquid to be considered frosting.

Directions for a Vanilla Frosting

This recipe is for a 13×9 inch pan so you can cut the recipe in half or make two snack cakes and use the second half of the frosting for the second cake.

(For 13×9 inch pan)


A. 3 Cups powdered Sugar

B. 1/3 Cup softened butter–5 and a 1/3 Tablespoons see scale on side of package (you can use a microwave to soften a hard stick of butter but you should avoid completely melted butter, it is hard to judge, it is easier to let the butter stand in your mixing bowl for the time the cake is cooling)

C. 1 1/2 teaspoons of Vanilla

D. About 2 Tablespoons of milk (stir in the first Tablespoon to see how much more is needed. Water can be substituted here if out of milk)


    1. Mix A & B together.
    2. Stir in C & D
    3. Beat with hand mixer until smooth and creamy.
    4. Frost with large Table knife or mixing spatula until even.

Optional add flavorings to frosting or food coloring.

**For chocolate frosting add 2 ounces of melted unsweetened baking chocolate (if halfing the recipe it would be 1 ounce). Or a 1/4 cup unsweetened cocoa powder (1/2 of the recipe would be 2 Tablespoons)

***For Mocha Frosting stir in the chocolate or cocoa powder for chocolate frosting and add 1 1/2 teaspoons of instant coffee

Calories per serving (1piece of the 9 total pieces is 300 calories unfrosted. With frosting per piece is 365 calories)

–From the kitchen of Tom Polachek, HD 66B Republicans Chair



President Donald & First Lady Melania Trump Christmas Card Response

HD 66B Republicans:

One of the first actions I asked for after being elected the Chair of HD 66B Republicans in November 2017 was to have a Christmas Party in December 2017.  Our bpou comes out for Precinct Caucuses and to our BPOU Convention then it seems we don’t do anything other than help candidates out when they run.  So having a non-political event such as a Christmas Party was big.  You can see the photos of this event on our website photos.

Sara Rasque-Michener graciously opened her house up to other HD 66B Republicans on December 9, 2017.  She had quite a spread of holiday treats both healthy and traditional fare.  We got to meet her husband, St Paul Police Officer “Durango” Dan Michener, who plays well on his acoustic guitar when he was jamming with Mike Heilman who brought along his guitar to the party.

Governor Candidate Jeff Johnson & his wife Sondi attended and contributed to our Toys for Tots box and the 2nd Harvest Heartland box.

Kelly Gunderson, the Grassroots Director of Americans for Prosperity-MN made a stop to share in Christmas Cheer.

One of the things all delegates, alternates, officers, and guests were able to do was to sign Christmas Cards going to Vice President Mike and Second Lady Karen Pence, and also one to President Donald & First Lady Melania Trump.

After the Christmas Party was over I sent the Christmas Cards about 2 weeks prior to Christmas.

Then I went to my mailbox on February 7, 2018.  I was sorting through my mail and I saw a unique envelope with a simple return address on it.  The postmark was February 5, 2018 (I’ve never seen snail mail move that fast).  It looked like the kind of envelopes I had received years ago when I was a soldier in the US Army when I used to occasionally write to Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush who were my Commander-in-Chiefs in the late 1980’s.  It said simply, “The White House, Washington DC 20500.”

So I carefully opened it up and this is what it said:

A Response from President Donald & First Lady Melania Trump for the Christmas Card HD 66B Republicans sent.

Thanks you for thinking of us during this very special time of year. Your thoughtfulness adds to the joy of the season.  We send our best wishes to you and your family for good health, happiness, and prosperity in the coming year.

God bless you,

Donald Trump    Melania Trump

At our BPOU Convention on Saturday, March 10, 2018 I brought out an Easter Card for attendees to sign.  I also sent that card to the First Family for Easter shortly after.

I’m planning on sending a Birthday Card for June 14, 2018 for President Trump (also the anniversary of the US Flag adoption and the birthday of the US Army).

— Tom Polachek

HD 66B Republicans Chair


Grassroots North Carolina & Mark Robinson Stand Up for 2nd Amendment Rights at Greensboro City Council

Public Comments at the Greensboro North Carolina City Council meeting had some concerned law abiding gun owners commenting about the anti-2nd Amendment anti-gun show ordinances of the Mayor and City Council.  Andy Stevens, a Veteran, speaks first from Grassroots North Carolina (GRNC), the local Director of Government Affairs.  Mr Stevens was holding the Mayor and City Council of Greensboro North Carolina up to the law that protects exhibitors such at the Greensboro Gun Show at their civic center.

At 4:38 minutes into the video below Mark Robinson addresses the Mayor & City Council.  Mr Robinson tells it like it is, he is like the majority of law abiding gun owners.  The video is 8:55 minutes long.

Greensboro lifelong citizen Mark Robinson asks why law-abiding citizens are being blamed for criminals’ actions who don’t follow the law.  He gives a passionate speech about how his rights are being infringed on by the city leaders of Greensboro NC.  We applaud both speakers especially Mark Robinson.

We got permission to re-post this article from the who posted this article on April 5, 2018.  — admin

Coffee with a Cop

Meet the Central District officers, ask questions, and learn more about the officers that work in your community. This is an opportunity for positive dialogue and community engagement.

  • When: Wednesday, March 21st, 2018
  • Time: 6:00pm to 7:00pm
  • Location: Dar’s Double Scoop, 1048 Rice St, Saint Paul, Minnesota 55117

Coffee with a Cop at Dar's Double Scoop
Coffee with a Cop at Dar’s Double Scoop

Can’t make March, 21st, 2018, a second opportunity  the morning of March 29th, 2018 at White Castle on White Bear Ave. Enjoy a cup of coffee with some East District police officers.  Use this as an opportunity to ask them questions and have a dialogue to get to know your officers in East District better.

  • When: Thursday, March 29th, 2018
  • Time: 10:00am to 12:00pm
  • Location: White Castle, 1601 White Bear Ave N., Saint Paul, MN 55109

Coffee with a Cop at White Castle
Coffee with a Cop at White Castle

Coffee with a Cop is coordinated by the SPPD Engagement Unit:

  • SPPD Community Engagement Unit
  • 367 Grove Street; Saint Paul, MN 55101
  • 651-266-5485
  • Email

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