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Help the Oldest Dining Hall at the MN State Fair: Hamline Methodist Church

One of the most prominent Christian Churches in House District 66B is Hamline United Methodist Church, located at 1514 Englewood, in Ward 4 Precinct 13.  They were the original anchor point in Saint Paul, MN for Hamline University, as the University is affiliated with the Methodist Church.

For 120 consecutive years the Hamline United Methodist Church has operated the Hamline Methodist Dining Hall at the Minnesota State Fair.  This year marks their 121st year of operation, however they need to pay for some equipment so they can continue into the future providing a family style alcohol-free dining experience.

Here are pictures and their explanation of their needs from the Hamline Methodist Dining Hall Gofundme account:

Did you know that this year Hamline Church Dining Hall is one of only 2 church dining halls still operating at the Minnesota State Fair?  Staffed by hundreds of volunteers each year, 100% of the net profits are donated to charities.  Because we’re a church run operation, we do not sell alcohol, thus capping our Dining Hall’s volume.

Last year’s Minnesota State Fair was our busiest yet, and caused several key components to fail as we started up this year.  Both our commercial dishwasher and ranges (see below) need replacement.

We had no choice but to replace the dishwasher in time for the start of this year’s [Minnesota State Fair]
.  Our ranges no longer work, but we can still use the cooktops this year.  Not to worry; we are fully ready for the Fair!  However, all of this equipment is is very expensive and critical to the Dining Hall’s future operation.  We are hoping to raise enough to money to cover the replacement costs for our commercial kitchen and to insure Hamline Church can continue to run the Dining Hall at the Minnesota State Fair for years to come.

Thank you for your consideration and help and please be sure to visit our Dining Hall and beautiful church next to Hamline University; located at 1514 Englewood Ave in Saint Paul.   
All are welcome here!  Learn about Hamline Church 

Dear Reader:

Before I got actively involved in politics in this area I used to attend Hamline United Methodist Church as I lived within walking distance to this church.  Every year I used to volunteer for 2-3 shifts at the Hamline Dining Hall washing the dishes or working on the dry end of the washing unit. I met Kent & Diane Krueger and his brother Mark who made the Dining Hall run efficiently. Little did I know Kent,  aka William Kent Krueger, was the well known author of the Cork O’Connor mystery series.

I recommend the Hamloaf, Pot Roast, and the Strawberry Shortcake if you decide to dine at the Dining Hall.  As a volunteer I would get a free meal, a ticket into the State Fair and a bottomless beverage while I worked my shift

As one who had used the Dishwasher, it is key to using and reusing real plates thus eliminating a mountain of throw away plates, utensils, and cups.  Not only is it best for the environment it gives the Dining Hall a homestyle feel to a meal at the State Fair, which is becoming increasingly uncommon at a very commercial, fried something-on-a-stick annual event.

As the House District 66B Republicans Chair I’ve wanted our political unit to be civicly minded, police & fire department friendly. We want to be that Good Neighbor that helps out when our neighbors are in need of help.  Our organization is not flush with funds but we can get the word out about Hamline United Methodist Church’s need.  Please give what you can for this worthy cause.  Also stop by for a family friendly meal, or a cone of Izzy’s Ice Cream


Tom Polachek

House District 66B Republicans Chair

(Former Hamline Methodist Dining Hall Dish Washer 2004-2008)

We are posting this as a courtesy to our neighbors at Hamline United Methodist Church.  We will not receive any sort of compensation for this posting.  We do remind you to stand and voice your free will vote on the August 14th Primary and the November 6th General Election.

Happy Resurrection Day (Easter)

An ugly torture and execution device of the Romans is the most celebrated Symbol in Christianity.

Easter Sunday or as some people are calling it Resurrection Day never falls on the same week two years in a row.  This is due to when the Jewish Passover holiday happens which depends on the cycles of the moon. It is the first Sunday after the first full moon of the vernal equinox (Spring).

Holy Week starts with Palm Sunday then on the Thursday of the week there is Maundy Thursday, then Good Friday, then Resurrection Day also known as Easter Sunday.

The message of Resurrection Day is more important than Christmas as Jesus the Christ suffered in our place and died for our sins and rose with us from the grave to conquer death once and for all for us.  Jesus died a humiliating death in public at the hands of a conquering empire nation that worshipped multiple gods that ruled in Judea–the Romans.  The Cross was used for torture and for executions for non-Roman Citizens.  Romans would be beheaded much like Paul of Tarsus, an apostle of Jesus Christ was decades later. Often those who were crucified would take days to die.  Gall a mixture would be offered to those on the cross with a sponge as it would put the person into a drunk state so they would not feel as much.  Jesus refused it.  Jesus surprised the Romans that he died so quickly on the Cross.

The Romans as occupiers of Judea (later in 70 AD after getting tired of the Judeans they destroyed Jerusalem and scattered the Jews, then called the area Palestine) did not have a personal beef with Jesus so they scourged him.  Scourging was done with a cat-o-nine-tails (a whip of sorts).  Sometimes people were so severely beaten they died from the shock.  Jesus survived this process and the Romans were fine with this punishment, but from pressure by the High Priests  and in order to prevent an uprising they crucified Jesus.  Against some people’s idea who claim to be Christians this was the reason why Jesus was born–to suffer for us and to die for our sins.

The Good News is that Jesus rose from the tomb on Resurrection Sunday early in the morning on the third day.

While some people Christians, Jews, and Muslims will question if he was really dead.  The example of the Roman soldier thrusting a spear through Jesus’ heart to see if he was dead concludes he was dead as no one could live through that sort of trauma.  Some will also use their finite knowledge to say the disciples and Mary Magdalene saw a ghost of Jesus after he left the tomb, there is a great story after the resurrection in John 21: 1-14. Jesus comes to Peter, Thomas, Nathanael, the sons of Zebedee and a couple of other disciples.  They are out fishing on the Sea of Galilee.  They’ve been out all night and they had nothing to show for it.  Jesus tells them to cast their nets to a side of the boat and they do.  The catch is so great that they call in another boat to help pull in their nets.  When they are nearing the shore, Peter recognizes Jesus on the shore and is so thrilled to see him he dives into the water and swims to the shore.  On shore Jesus eats a breakfast of fish with his friends who had been his disciples.  How could a ghost eat?

The Resurrection Day story is so meaningful to Christians in however you celebrate it.  Though be wary when your traditions begin to cloud the meaning or eventually push the meaning out it.  It will be easy for non-believers to marginalize and eventually shut it down as they currently seem to be doing as a matter of public policy.  It seems it took a long time to be able to sort out how bunnies and eggs how they fit in with the Resurrection story.  They don’t.  The Resurrection story was merged in with a Pagan fertility holiday of the Romans and it was called Easter–it was a compromise to help non-believers to believe in the Resurrection Story of Jesus. This is lesson to people everywhere to not mingle evil in with good, the result is not good but a lot of confusion which is a derivative of evil.

There are many lessons derived from Jesus’ death on the Cross and his Resurrection from the Tomb, we can’t list them all here.  To find out more find a Bible Based Church (avoid the social justice only ones) and join a Bible Study.  The Bible Study group in the White House President Donald Trump belongs to is called Capitol Ministries.

Happy Resurrection Day

Merry Christmas From HD 66B Republicans

Since the founding of the Republican Party in 1854, Christian Values have been a cornerstone of the Party. Many think the party is all about the financial worldview but it isn’t. It was founded on the Christian Worldview and a desire to bring back the freedom and liberty of conscience and the pursuit of happiness that the Founding Fathers of the United States of America had listed in the Declaration of Independence.  Members of the party today who wish to strip the party of Christianity should not be put into positions of authority to keep people of Faith out of the political process.  These elites use of the party to influence or intimidate others to feeling small and powerless without their leadership is wrong. Putting self ahead of Jesus Christ is the recipe for disaster and misery. Jesus is an excellent master who takes excellent care of all who believe in Him and do his work on Earth until He returns to rule. We believe in putting Jesus Christ First in our lives. Happy is the Nation who Jesus is Lord.  ~~ Publius Jr.

This Christmas Card is for all the people who are friends, and potential friends of ours that we don’t have enough physical  Christmas Cards to send out. Feel free to send it to others that you know.

We Wish you a Merry Christmas and a Peaceful New Year