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The career of John Marty has spanned 33 years since January 1987. The retirement of Senator Cohen of MN Senate District 64, makes Senator Marty the Senior most Senator in the MN Senate.

Senator Marty has run for the Governor’s Office more than once 1994 & 2010 and keeps an open MN Campaign Finance Account open for Governor.

This could be the year to retire Career Politician John Marty.

The difference between Greg Copeland and John Marty is stark. John Marty lives in a relatively crime-free neighborhood in Saint Anthony, while Greg Copeland lives in Crime Statistics Grid 54 of St Paul, which has the most Violent Crime in St Paul. Greg’s neighborhood is diverse but has high poverty, while John Marty’s neighborhood is upper middle class and not as diverse as Mr Copeland’s neighborhood. Greg goes to City Meetings as well as School Board Meetings in St Paul, and John Marty rarely comes to the B side of Senate District 66 except to drive through it on the way to the Senate Legislative Office Building (SLOB).

Saying NO to the St Paul Organized Trash Ordinance

Greg Copeland ran in St Paul’s Ward 6 as the Original Vote No candidate. Other candidates for the open seat vacillated before deciding which way the wind was blowing.

John Marty wrote the language to allow cities to enact Organized Trash Ordinances.

The St Paul Trash Ordinance unfairly hits low income earners, zero-wasters, and those on fixed incomes.  Businesses and multiple unit apartment buildings get to opt out of the ordinance.  They solved a problem that didn’t exist, now without competition or a choice residents get sloppy service and higher costs for trash hauling.

Runaway Violent Crime

If you live in St Paul you know Crime, especially Violent Crime is a daily occurrence and it doesn’t need an external reason to exist. The George Floyd protests were an excuse for Antifa & other proxy groups to cause mayhem, and destruction of public and private property.

The complete desertion from their duties, the local Police, State Troopers, Mayors of both St Paul & Mpls, and Governor Walz failed Minnesota Citizens in letting criminals burn Mpls and St Paul.

Since 2012 Senator John Marty has turned blind and deaf when it comes to Violent Crime. After Ray Widstrand was beat up and left for dead in August 2013 there was a Crime Meeting to address it. Neither Rep John Lesch nor Senator John Marty was there to face the scorn and disgust of the residents of the Payne Phalen Neighborhood. John Marty failed to help St Paul residents and he continues to do so while collecting a State Salary.

Citizens of Senate District 66 Deserve Better

This post was reposted by permission from Candidate Greg Copeland, which was originally posted on June 6, 2020 from GregCopeland911.wordpress.com

US Senate Candidate Jason Lewis: All Cities in Minnesota are Important

Republican 66Bers met with US Senate Candidate Jason Lewis at John’s Pizza Cafe on January 14, 2020. Pictured left to right: Paul Vlahutin, Jeff Carnes, Troy Penz, Rosalie Vlahutin, Jason Lewis, Travis Ekbom, R.T. Grels, Tom Polachek, Reed Skogerboe. Photo by Tom Szymanski.

US Senate Candidate Jason Lewis stopped in to address those at the HD 66B Republicans BPOU meeting on January 14, 2020. MN CD4 House of Representatives Candidate Travis Ekbom addressed those gathered briefly. Travis is the Vice Chair of Outreach for the HD 66B Republicans as well.

Jason Lewis said what we in St Paul know to be true, you can’t win the state of Minnesota without voters from the Cities of St Paul and Minneapolis. It is a hard fight in the City of Saint Paul as DFLers have been conditioned to vote for their party no matter what the results of DFL leaders actions are. No where in either city is there a majority of Republicans to enact responsible ordinances that serve citizens rather than the way DFL does government where citizens serve them. Those in power in these cities are never held accountable for their actions or their negligence.

Jason Lewis addressed the growing size of the Debt as it is a bi-partisan effort to dig this country deeper into debt. A question was asked by Reed Skogerboe if it was possible for the Government to pass a two year budget instead of having a Continuing Resolution to fund the Federal Government.

Jason said the discretionary budget is determined not through need so much, but rather through the dealing on other bills. To get some movement on some bills deals will be struck on spending in someone’s district or state. “Both parties,” he said, “sadly are responsible for runaway spending.” He continued saying revenues are up, there is no problem with revenue coming in especially with all the people who had been unemployed under Obama are now working and paying taxes.

“Both Parties sadly are responsible for Runaway Spending.”

Jason Lewis mentioned how he has met with Never-Trump people and he doesn’t understand how they can be so stubborn in not supporting a President that is leading the country in the right direction. He said President Trump has brought blue-collar workers into the party, and he is making great strides to break the mentality among Black Americans to vote for Democrats. It has only been since the Great Depression of the 1930’s since Black Americans have been voting for Democrats, prior to then they had been solid Republican voters.

Jason Lewis talked about the possibility of thousands of jobs in mining in the Iron Range of Northern Minnesota. The high grade iron ore on the Mesabi Range was used to make tanks, ships, and other vehicles in World War II. The copper and nickel stand to bring back the economies of towns up north. He mentioned Tina Smith is in the pocket of the Sierra Club.

Jason Lewis said there are many reasons to vote for Republicans this year. Trump has passed VA Hospital reform with the Mission Act, passed a trade deal with Mexico and Canada that reformed NAFTA to benefit American Workers and is working on reducing our trade deficit with other nations.

Tom Polachek, a US Army Vet, mentioned the problems he has had with the VA not paying his ambulance bills from March 2017 until recently after 32 months. He told Jason there is a group at the VA Minneapolis called, “Save Our VA,” pretending to be patients but is actually run by employees in the building. Jason said the VA is a Government Healthcare System that is a model for some Democrats in how they want your healthcare needs to be met. The Mission Act allows Vets to see a doctor in their own city. Tom says some departments have a long waiting list for Vets to to be seen by VA doctors. He scheduled a podiatry appointment in December 2019 and the earliest he could be seen is March 2020, so he is using the Mission Act to be seen earlier.

Jason Lewis wrapped up saying every block and precinct in St Paul is important to winning in November 2020 for Republicans.

After Jason Lewis left, MN CD4 House Candidate Travis Ekbom announced his Brewery Blitz events coming up, the first one at Big Wood Brewery on Thursday January 23 from. 6:30 to 8:30 pm in White Bear Lake. There will be a separate article about this and another for Sia Lo’s event on January 19th who is also running for the CD4 Republican Nomination.

Our next bpou meeting will be Saturday February 8th. Look for another post for more details. If you would like to be a convener in your precinct in the HD 66B Republican Precinct Caucuses on February 25, 2020, please send an email to mnhd66brepublicans@gmail.com with subject “Precinct Convener,” mention what precinct you live in. If you are unsure of your precinct see mnhd66brepublicans.org/maps.

This article was not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee, the MNGOP, nor the CD4 Republicans.

Gubernatorial Debate Dates

Tim Pawlenty Finally Agreed to a Debate!

3 Upcoming Debates between MNGOP endorsed candidate Jeff Johnson and opponent, Tim Pawlenty.  Tune in to hear from both candidates.

  1. August 3rd at 11:00am on MPR Radio. Moderator, Mike Mulcahy
  2. August 5th at 10am on KSTP TV show, “At Issue.” Moderator, Tom Hauser
  3. August 8 at 10:30am on WCCORadio at Farmfest. Moderator, Blois Olson

Remember to Vote Jeff Johnson/Donna Bergstrom on August 14th!

Come Watch Dinesh D’souza’s new film: “Death of a Nation.”

MN Congressional District 4 is hosting a pre-screening of Dinesh D’souza’s new film: “Death of a Nation.”

“Who is killing America? Is it really Donald Trump and a GOP filled with white supremacists? In a major new work by #1 New York Times bestselling author Dinesh D’Souza, you will find a compelling case that Democrats are the ones killing America by turning it into a massive nanny state modeled on the Southern plantation system.”

Get Your Event Brite Tickets Here. CD4 Website Under Events.

Death of a Nation presents the shocking story of the Democratic Party’s dark past, reinterprets the roles of figures like Van Buren, FDR and LBJ, and exposes the hidden truth that racism comes not from Trump or the conservative Right, but rather from Democrats and progressives on the Left.

Monday, July 30, 2018 7:00 pm – 9 pm,

Theater: New Vision Mounds View 15

2430 Highway 10

Mounds View, MN 55112

Questions: Call Dave Sina at 651-484-4303

Please arrive 15 minutes before showing.

Tickets Available at CD 4 Website

Get your tickets today! It will be lots of fun!