Remembering Richard “Fritz” Bold 1961-2020

It is with heavy heart I must relay the following news, Rich “Fritz” Bold has passed away from injuries due to a rollover near Hudson Wisconsin on October 30, 2020.

Someone sent a note to me around the end of October saying Rich Bold had died.  Rich was a bit older than me and I knew he was a respiratory therapist who worked in Western Wisconsin.  I couldn’t believe what I was reading in the note. “Not Fritz, he is too young and healthy,” I thought.

I looked online for any information about this and I couldn’t find anything.  Then almost a month since his passing I found it and I had to write this article, to remember him.

Rich “Fritz” Bold was a gregarious guy so full of life.  He was quick with a joke and he was the guy who would walk down the Harvest Fest Parade on Payne Avenue with a Sousaphone playing the “Baby Elephant Walk” on it. He was a member of Brio Brass for many years and later was part of Minnesota Brass.

Rich Bold with the Sousaphone in the back on the right. Rich was a member of Brio Brass for many years.

I met Rich through the Republican Caucusing just before redistricting in 2012.  He was a member of the old HD 67A Republicans and had run for office and or had been a HD Republican Officer.  When he became part of the new HD 66B Republicans I encouraged him to run for Chair in 2012.  In 2014 Rich was Lizz Paulson’s Campaign Manager against John Lesch.

He was a fellow Veteran.  He had served as an MP in the US Army and at the time I met him he had been a long time security guard.  Rich had a contagious bearded smile.

I remember one evening how he taught a friend of mine how to play Spades. He introduced me to whiskey (in moderation) that night too.  Politics to him was all about relationships with other people, sharing their beliefs and supporting them  when they needed help.

Rich Bold will be missed by many people.  If you would like to add a memory about Rich Bold, please send a comment and it’ll get posted after review. Only those that follow the website will be able to comment (website policy).

You can visit the Pioneer Press Legacy site and leave a memory there too. Click Remembering Rich “Fritz” Bold

Tom Polachek, HD 66B Republicans Chair

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